The importance of optical fit in design

One of the biggest differences we have when designing digitally is compared. To do it on paper is that we can make adjustments. Almost at the atomic level very easily. Surely when you started. It was a real pleasure that with a single click, to be able to align any element instantly. To make everything be in its position and in the correct pixel. But when everything is in its place. Surely you have experienced the sensation that what is centered. Does not seem to us to be exactly in the center. We check again and we have the same number of pixels on each side. But we still don’t see it centered. And this is where the optical adjustment is. Begins, and we have to talk about the perception that our brain gives us of our surroundings.

Optical color adjustments according to background and thickness

We already discussed optical illusions before in Silo. Creativo when talking about the irradiation effect, and how sometimes. Our brain deceives us in situations beyond logic. Well, the optical adjustment is nothing more than the way we have to E-Commerce Photo Editing Service modify something that logic tells us is correct, but that our brain interprets that it is not. Or to put it another way, what we are seeing is not “visually pleasing” to us, and we have to modify it to achieve it.

E-Commerce Photo Editing Service

We have talked on many occasions about color

In this article, we will deal with several cases of this type that are common to find before them, such as the optical adjustment for colors, and of different types of alignment. And it is that, as designers, it is common for us to create something, and suddenly we have an external vision, either from a client or a colleague, that tells us that Phone Number MX something is wrong, despite the fact that we have verified that, mathematically, everything seems correct. . That is why it must be made clear that here we are not going to give exact rules on how to correctly apply certain solutions. Only you always have to keep in mind that sometimes we have to pay attention to our perception to make variations rather than what logic dictates.

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