The importance of interspacing in text design

Despite the fact that we currently spend a large amount. Of our time-consuming content in the form of video or images. Texts continue to be vitally important for giving. And receiving information. However, there are still many designers who leave the design. Of their texts as a secondary aspect of their projects. Which they will work on when the final content arrives. Even sometimes the time they dedicate to it is to choose a specific. Typeface and little else. This is an error since a text that does. Not take care of all its details in terms of design. Can produce rejection in the reader. We have already talked previously. In silo creativo about the design of texts. But this time we want to focus on the interspacing of the texts.

What are tracking and kerning

When we work with interspacing, we are referring to the fact of adding or removing the existing space between the letters of a text. By default, whether we are working on a website or in a vector design program like Illustrator, each typeface comes with a certain interspacing that we can modify. The problem comes when we Photo Retouching Service modifies this parameter without really knowing why we do it, or for aesthetic reasons. This can mean that a perfectly legible text is no longer so, with the inconveniences that this will bring us. That is why it is important to take into account two things: why we are modifying the line spacing, and when the line spacing must be modified.

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The space between the different glyphs of a font

Most of the time it is something that we end up learning through trial and error since there is no basic formula to apply. The use of one line spacing or another depends on many factors: text length, font size, whether the text is in uppercase or lowercase, or the color of the text and its background. Depending on whether we are in some Phone Number MX circumstances or others (or in several at the same time), we must apply some solutions or others. But we remember again that there is no magic solution. But by having some basic principles. That guides us and are supported by our experience as designers. There will be nothing to fear.

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