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How much you erase it and starte over nothing workd. The old image still appeare in place of the new one. But don’t panic. It was actually an easy-to-fix cache issue. If you are confrontd with it again, here is the manipulation to follow on Facebook.  And Twitter so that your last featurd image can replace the old one. Clear cache on Facebook with Facebook Debug On Facebook.  It is a question of using the Facebook Debug solution and copy/paste your link in the field providd for this purpose. See the first image below. Then you will click on until you see your new image.

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I also encourage you to follow these 2 small points Latvia Phone Number List beforehand: Remember to delete the old image from your site if you no longer ned it. Rename the new image differently from the old, to avoid any conflicts. Access the Facebook tool: Facebook Debug Clear cache on Facebook: Facebook Debug Enter the URL of your article where the image is problematic Clear Cache: Facebook Debug URL Once the URL is pastd into the field, click the Debug button on the right and wait for your new feature image to appear. If it does not appear yet, click on Re-collect (see below) as many times as necessary. This way you will empty the cache and be able to retrieve your new featurd image.

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When your image finally appears, get your URL Phone Number MX and paste it into Facebook to see if your new image has been replace. And There you go ! Clear Cache: Facebook Debug Clear cache on Twitter with Twitter Card Validator On Twitter the same problem as on Facebook exists! When you replace your featurd image during an update, or simply to bring your article back to life, the image may not show up. You will then have your old image which will appear instead very annoying when you program your posts.

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