The first hurdle for graduates Belize WhatsApp Number List to enter the product manager: logical disassembly of the group (Part 1)

So please watch it patiently with me. Each part is a summary of the experience of blood and tears. I believe it will inspire you.

The logic of the group

The group interview is actually a relatively Belize WhatsApp Number List efficient interview mode under the background of job hunting where supply exceeds demand. Here is a good example of the written test. I believe everyone has done the written test. Have you any? After such an experience, is it possible that you have no thoughts when you take the written test, but after the result comes out, you are surprised to find that you have passed the written test.

What I remember most is the written test process of the provincial management trainee of Bank of China. A written test takes 150 minutes, especially the questions about the banking professional questions that I can basically rely on guessing, but fortunately it is multiple choice. The only thing I think I can do well and do it seriously is the English reading question, but in this case, I also passed the written test.

That is to say, the written test is the first step after screening resumes. It only needs to complete the set number of screening indicators. For example, a company’s recruitment system has formulated before the autumn recruitment how much is left in the written test. Job seekers this one goal. So in fact, as long as you meet the minimum standards for passing, you can successfully pass to the next round.

The underlying logic of the group face is actually very similar. After understanding the basic logic of group face, let’s take a look at how to reduce most people’s fear of group face 4 points:


For Problem 1: Uncertainty

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Although it is true that the group will eventually meet all kinds of people, we can still make a group portrait of the various people in the interview.

  1. Confident in speaking, have a deep understanding of the interview position, and can make a more logical dismantling of the problem;
  2. From time to time, he can put forward very innovative and eye-catching ideas;
  3. taciturn;
  4. Like to repeatedly discuss a point of view, be sure to accept other people’s point of view.

After you understand the types of interviews you will face, make a reasonable response to each type of person, then no matter who the specific interviewee is, I have a way to resolve conflicts and cooperate, so in my heart With more confidence, there is less fear of uncertainty.

Then some students will say, I understand the truth, but what should I do if I can’t make a reasonable response?

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