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It is important not to target an audience that is neither too large nor too. Small to optimize your campaign and obtain the expected results. LinkedIn Ads shows you an estimated audience size as you activate targeting options. Additionally, he recommends an audience of 300,000 members for a Sponsored Content campaign, between 60,000 and 400,000 members for Text Ads, and an audience of 100,000 members for InMails. Study your statistics Use LinkedIn statistics Thanks to your Company page, you collect useful data on your posts, your followers and the people who have visited your page. The statistics also bring you future trends thanks to key indicators. The News section provides you with statistics on the reach and interactions of published news.

Conversion tracking tells you which

The Followers section allows you to identify the members of your page (How many are they?; Who are they?; How did they find out about you?; etc.). The Visitors section gives you information about members who have visited your page. Analyze your comments Jamaica Phone Number List on Twitter on the morning campaigns Once your campaign is launched, you can track conversions through Campaign and which audience generated the best conversion rates. You can adjust your future campaigns based on these results. Complement this conversion tracking with analysis tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot or Salesforce. Campaign manager statistics LinkedIn Ads Offer attractive offers There is no miracle, to attract a future prospect, you have to offer him qualitative and relevant content.

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The ad formats you are considering

Bring him what he needs! For this, nothing like inbound marketing to attract a user to his company, product or service. Offer them quality articles, audits, white papers, training offers or even web conferences. In exchange for these offers, visitors will provide you with valuable information via a form. You can then use this data to convert your lead into a Phone Number MX prospect and then into a customer. Pay attention to the content of your ad Depending on, you must pay close attention to the visual and text chosen. Test your ads beforehand on a small sample of members to see which visual and which wording work the most. As for the text, be concise and precise. You must clearly present what benefit the member has for clicking on the ad. The important thing is to capture the attention of users in a minimum of characters.

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