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Social ads allow them to distribute personalized media to a precisely defined target, and this, according to different objectives. Which ? Develop its notoriety , generate sales , and finally, build customer loyalty . Objective n°1: Develop its notoriety thanks to social ads. With a view to gaining notoriety, and developing the community around your brand. Different campaign goals are available, especially on Facebook: likes , clicks , engagement , or video views campaigns. Always in the objective of making its products known to a wider audience and increasing traffic to its e-commerce site. On Facebook Ads, the different ad formats available, as well as the integration of. Various media such as photos, videos, CTA buttons, allow brands to talk about their products effectively. While collecting user reactions, like on an organic post.

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Still in the development of brand awareness, a campaign based on gaining notoriety can also be used to present its values. Sponsored ads can also be used to promote content on your site, and not just products: a quality article, practical advice, to your target comments Jamaica Phone Number List on Twitter on the morning and increase traffic to your site. Notoriety is also played with relationships: highlighting your partnerships. And people and brands who recommend your products are an excellent way to make Internet users click. Establishing a dimension of trust. Objective n°2: Sell your products and increase your conversions On Twitter as on Instagram and Facebook, it is also possible to choose sales and conversion as the starting campaign objective .

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Clicks conversion or even retargeting campaigns, the ads broadcast for this purpose will help develop the visibility of your offers while encouraging conversion! Given the number of people active on social networks, you can be sure that the promotion of your special offers will resonate with your target: In addition, it may be wise to advisethem various Phone Number MX products, and by enlightening them on their use! Because of the many targeting criteria available – by interests, by Pages liked, or even people who have recently moved, etc. – your ads can very easily meet the expectations of many users. Finally, retargeting is a very widespread technique, especially in distribution in the form of Display banners.

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