The Competition Since This Summer

The same goes with bots To be a strong competitor against the market leaders, Workplace will have to integrate new functionalities. This will include including additional services and third-party applications, such as Office 365. But as an easy-to-use communication tool, Workplace is a good option. After making some notable changes this year, Instagram,  11.9 million unique visitors each month in France , has just launche some new features that will delight users and professionals alike. New features dedicate to advertisers and businesses : vertical advertising Just like Snapchat with its 3V (Vertical, Video, View) format, Instagram now allows advertisers to deliver content in vertical format (4:5 ratio). Until now, advertisements were broadcast in square or horizontal format.

A new advertising format

This new format is very relevant because it visually has more impact on users. Instagram Advertising Instagram Advertising Instagram Advertising Convert your profile to a professional account This new feature is currently being rolle out in France. It where they Pakistan Phone Number List are playe by avatar characters, is now possible to convert your Instagram account into a professional account by going to the account options. This professional account will allow you to integrate the “Contact” call to action button on your profile . Users will then have the choice between “Itinerary”, “Call” and “Email”, depending on what you have selecte. Each account will be categorize which will be displaye under the profile name, in the bio.

Pakistan Phone Number List

Which attracts around

The address of your company can also be inserte there, it will be clickable. The publication boost Thanks to the professional profile, you will be able to promote your publications by boosting their organic reach . As on Facebook, it is enough to define the audience Phone Number MX and the duration of the promotional campaign. The drop in visibility and engagement observe since the change in Instagram’s algorithm could therefore be countere with this new tool.

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