The Brand To Recall All Its Models And To Admit

This reconquest requires above all a digitalization of its services. Facilitating the customer journey and making it accessible to a wider audience despite its high-end offer. Offers for young people and lower prices, while offering top-notch options. G7 intends to win back the hearts of Parisians and build customer loyalty. A revamped app A real loyalty lever, a modern and ergonomic application is essential to attract customers. The G7 app is easy to use, it is possible to choose the type of vehicle – including the G7 Green, for a race that respects. The environment – and to order it or reserve it for later, while following his route until our arrival. However, G7 wants to be multi-channel, and always offers the possibility of making reservations by telephone or via the site.

Aiming to improve the image

The app is reminiscent of that of competitor VTC Uber, but still offers even more attractive services: it will be possible to pay via the app after a reservation, but also after hailing your taxi in the street, without having to ordered! The application was also them with Cayman Island Phone Number List promotional tools rewarded in February, and received the award for best Smart City/Car application 2017. Wifi in all taxis In order to offer even more connected services, G7 aims to offer an internet connection from all its vehicles – today 80% are equipped with it. G7 wanted to support the transformation of its 8,000 or so Parisian taxis, and aims to replace all its vehicles with black vehicles – like high-end private vehicles and drivers. Connected buttons Spearheading its strategy, G7 aims to improve the image that.

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Click and see your driver arrive

French can have of Parisian taxis and their drivers, by focusing on the quality and connectivity of services. For this, the brand has established partnerships with big names such as the Paris City Hall, Galeries Lafayette, Aéroports de Paris or Phone Number MX even PSG, but also with meeting places such as bars, restaurants, hotels or even luxury boutiques. 200 establishments in the capital now have a connected button, which allows you to order a ride in one at your door. Campaigns Many campaigns are also running on their social networks, of taxis, especially in the face of the great controversy raging around VTCs and taxi drivers. Seeking to offer attractive services such as VTC, but while going further, G7 addresses its target directly via social networks with messages with undisguised ambitions.

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