The Brand Between Waiting For Better Or Immediate

The brands have already been renovated and their decoration modernized, with the aim of recruiting customers with a new target , and to increase the average basket .Redefining your offer Studies were carried out at other distributors to determine what was missing at Intermarché, and products were added to the shelves. In addition, the brand that wants to be a producer-trader has reviewed its hundred labels to finally keep only 35, and thus focus on the strongest, from a point of view of customers but also of its industry. Because the brand has its own factories where it produces items from the Intermarché range: there are 64 of them in France in total, making Les Mousquetaires one of the biggest players in the food industry .

Allied with the marketing teams

Innovate to meet consumer expectations A unique operation in the sector, which advocates the quality of its products, producer/consumer proximity, and low prices. And faced with the trivialization of offers among the competition, this is not necessarily in which Algeria Phone Number List companies market their product enough. This is why the brand has developed a Research & Development department, now, which analyzes trends and thus determines consumer expectations . Imagine and offer innovative products, tested and approved by a sample of consumers, and which allows the arrival of a dozen new products each year to meet the growing demand of the public.

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Proximity In mass distribution

The group is the only distributor to adopt this function of producer-retailer for its labels, and thus to make local production work: the brand has found its positioning, and is trying to strengthen its image in its strategy, with more and more French Phone Number MX people. more fond of the collaborative economy and local production. A strategy at the service of, the renewal of a brand can take place in different ways: while Intermarché has not only reviewed its entire offer, the brand has also renovated its services and its entire digital strategy , two areas today often linked today.

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