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Google’s algorithm is increasingly taking local SEO into account with its Google Pigeon update. Google MyBusiness is therefore very useful for publicizing and promoting a tourist establishment. You ensure visibility on the Google search results pages, but also on Maps, Google +, the Google hotel comparator or on Google Trips and Destinations . After adding or claiming an establishment, Internet users discover a lot of information about it (opening hours, contact details, customer reviews, photos, etc.). CTA buttons even encourage them to contact you, visit your establishment or visit your website. Highlight your establishment On Google MyBusiness, you can also add photos of your establishment.

They provide you with better visibility

An even more immersive experience, you can put virtual tours through Street View . You thus discover your tourist offer in a very fun and immersive way. Check out some examples here . Bid on Google AdWords The many advertising formats and stumbling block Kuwait Phone Number List on the way to leaving a targeting options offered by AdWords are real assets for getting started in Internet advertising and increase your notoriety. Similarly, some tools promote conversion. What a success for your campaign for the winter holidays!  a reflex for most consumers, especially when it comes to tourism. The AdWords advertising network is precisely an excellent lever for acquiring leads . Your ads will be visible on the Google Network which includes.

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Google searches have now become

The Search Network (search results pages, Google Maps and Shopping, Gmail, partner sites); The Display Network (YouTube, partner sites with AdSense, etc.). All the interest of AdWords lies in the diversity of its advertising formats. Text, image, video, responsive ad the offer is wide. Text ads are the most used. They are more and more discreet, and by their targeting, correspond perfectly to the expectations of Internet users. Thus, they make less and less difference with organic search results and very often select the first links that appear.

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