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Wechat has also become one of the best-known instant chat platforms. This private social network brings together a community. Of more than 400 million subscribers worldwide, including 240 million in China. Unlike Weibo. Internet users can only chat with their friends. The concept of the QR code is very develope on. WeChat, it allows you to add friends or follow the news of professional accounts (brands). E-commerce is developing little by little on Wechat. Which wants to innovate over time and reach even more Internet users. Communicating on Wechat is very effective (today in 2014). But for the corporate communication of brands, the many filters limit visibility.

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Personal profiles can inded publish their content to Japan Phone number list then be share by friends, and that’s what works today. wechat Great novelty on Weixin (WeChat) is the English version which allowd the platform to reach a larger target. In India, foreigners living in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and who may one day explode in Europe. Wechat is a close platform (like Facebook). The news is visible only to his friends, and not identifiable on search engines. Qzone Qzone is still usd, like It’s part of everyday Chinese life now. Releasd in 2005, Qzone allows you to write personalize blogs or photo blogs, allows you to keep a diary by publishing your photos, videos or music. It is very easy to use.

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With already more than 600 million users, it now Phone Number MX ranks second among social networks in China.The most active members (girls who share photos of themselves) love to update their profile page at least once a day. QQ groups are also very popular, we join groups of friends, former students, enthusiasts and then we chat. More than 400 million users use QQ daily. The traffic on Qzone (40 million people per day) is therefore very important and the interaction between Internet users continues to increase. Baidu There is a community on Baidu, which can be found on Baidu Tieba, the Baidu forums groupe by major themes. Very active, users on Tieba share information by sector.

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