The Arrival Of Shopping On Instagram

This enthusiasm for this type of platform has opened up the market to competition. Thus, Facebook recently announced the official launch of Workplace , its own collaborative platform. Workplace by Facebook: a serious competitor to Slack After launching Facebook at Work in beta since 2015, Facebook unveiled its collaborative platform on October 10 to try to find a place in this market, which is already facing competition from many players such as Slack, HipChat, Yammer, Jive or Asana. These actors combine messaging and project management functions. How it works ? After the first three months of free trial, Workplace becomes a paying tool, at the rate of 3 dollars per month and per user, the prices being decreasing according to the number of users.

The two accounts are distinct

It should be noted that Workplace is completely free for associations and schools. Pricing for Workplace, the new Facebook collaborative platform By positioning itself from the outset with low prices, Workplace stands out from its competitors and is Sharing Nigeria Phone Number List on linkein sharing on.aggressively setting out to conquer this market. To use Workplace, it is not necessary to have a Facebook account. Even if it is possible to establish a link between his personal account and his professional account, , being independent and hermetic. You cannot, for example, post or share content from one to the other. Workplace personal account interface Workplace personal account interface Workplace Features An interface similar to Facebook: In substance and form.

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It consists of a newsfeed

Workplace by Facebook uses the same codes as a personal Facebook account, with the difference of the main color which changes from blue to gray. and an improved search engine with filters to find files, colleagues or old publications. Comparison of Phone Number MX Workplace and Facebook interfaces Instant messaging, also available in application, is also present, as are the principles of groups, events, machine translation, comments and reactions. To adapt to a business environment, Workplace keeps the Facebook Live functionality to broadcast a message to the whole company, as well as the call function on Work Chat to organize audio and video “conf calls.

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