The AI ​​to create artistic images

Artificial intelligence is something that we have been hearing about for years, and that many of us saw implanted in robots that would think of us as if they were human beings. But most of the time the future that comes to us is not the one we imagined, and the artificial intelligence that we are testing has little to do with it. And during the last weeks, we have been able to test Mid journey, one of the most popular among designers and artists.Mid journey has been in open beta for a few days now. You only have to enter your Discord from this invitation link to access and try it. Of course, this beta will only allow us to create 25 images, in addition to accessing to see the rest of the creations of the community.

Example of images generated

Image-focused artificial intelligence (AIs) is not new. The most popular ones allow us to reconstruct images that were in low resolution to convert them to high resolution. From there they went to the fact that they could not do it only with Real Estate Photo Editing images, but also with complete videos. But for a few months, AIs that generate images from entering a text has become popular, without us giving it a previous image. Surely you have heard about and tried the famous DALL-E Mini.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Instead, Mid journey advances that his results go online to create

Images generated by all-e mini when entering the text “tom cruise playing piano”” But DALL-E Mini is not the only project. In fact, i is nothing more than, so to speak, a reduced version of DALL-E 2, which has much more budget and staff working on it. Another similar project is the one we have tested, Mid journey, which differs a Phone Number MX bit from DALL-E 2. And surely for many of you, when you see its results, it will seem more interesting. We already talked about Dall-E 2 in our last SiloMag, about how some users were already beginning to share their results. DALL-E 2 allow us to generate images, although by default they will always tend towards photorealism.

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