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To carry out the SEO analysis of your site, it is necessary to cross-reference certain indicators with each other by comparing the results of different tools. Thus, it is interesting to cross the results of SEMrush and Google Analytics or of SEMrush and the Search Console. And this is the whole point of Khiva. How does Khiva work? Khiva is an SEO tool that allows you to observe and interpret the main indicators of your site. Thanks to Analytics and SEMrush data, the tool analyzes the evolution of natural traffic and the volume of keywords positiond on your site.

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The fluctuations of the SEO indicators of your website are then confrontewith the various updates of the algorithm operate by Google . What is Khiva for? Concretely, thanks to Khiva, you will be able to: Observe the evolution of the natural traffic of ambassadors leaders Belize Phone Number List of public opinion, who your site; khiva-fluctuation-traffic-seo Follow the fluctuations of the number of  to the SEMrush curve; khiva-evolution-keywords Determine if Google’s algorithm updates have influence the evolution of your organic traffic and keyword rankings; Know the evolution and positioning history of the best keywords on which your site is positione. khiva-position-keywords.

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Who can use it? Khiva is a free tool aime at all website owners. To be able to use the tool, you must necessarily have a Google Analytics account with active properties. We invite you to try the beta version of Khiva. Do not hesitate to send us your Phone Number MX comments or it later. And if you have any questions about using the tool or interpreting your SEO results, you can always contact our SEO experts . Why not try the professional version of Facebook, Workplace? You can also try , an instant messenger very similar to Slack.

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