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The Mention tool sifts through websites, social media, blogs and forums to bring up anything related to your keyword. Save the most relevant articles When performing a watch, it is interesting to save the most relevant content. For this, it is advisable to use bookmarking tools (bookmark), like Pocket and Instapaper . These two tools make it easy to save any content (article, image, video, website, etc.) from a web browser or social network. There are different ways to back up content. For example, you can click on the dedicated extension in your web browser. The content will be saved in the category of your choice. Content curation: Pocket interface to save articles pocket Unlike aggregators, the advantage of these two tools is to be able to consult the saved content even without an internet connection.

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Google has also embarked on saving links by releasing its ” Save to Google ” extension. On social networks, you also have the option of saving certain publications. This is particularly the case on Facebook and Instagram. But  much more What Bulgaria Phone Number List actually differentiates the brand developed. They are not only used to save content, but also to classify, annotate, export, etc. Classify and archive monitoring content Finally, after doing your watch, selecting and reading the most relevant articles, it’s time to archive what you want to keep. Evernote is then the tool you need. It allows you to save any content (articles, images, sounds, URLs, etc.) as notes.

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They are stored in a thematic notebook and archived via keywords. You can access your notes anywhere, from any medium, and annotate them, then share them. Depending on the version you have, you even have access to your notebooks offline. While Phone Number MX Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Halloween remain traditional celebrations – although heavily used in advertising and for marketing purposes – what about Grandmother’s Day ? y stunt, whatever it may be, Grandmother’s Day remains an opportunity for brands to once again surf on the news and make the most of their chestnut tree (not the tree , but this calendar grouping together all the events of the year and which makes it possible to send messages right at the right time.

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