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Meta’s focus is clear: Instagram Reels. One improvement after another is rolling out to amplify the popularity and effectiveness of this video format. Instagram users now spend 20%* of their time watching, creating and sharing Reels. But if it’s up to Meta, this will only get more.

We all know it by now: with Reels, Instagram wants to steal the attention away from the popular TikTok. Most of TikTok’s success comes from its powerful algorithm. TikTok knows like no other how to draw you into a trap of exactly what you want to see. Difficult to fight against. So Meta has to work hard, and they are certainly doing that now.

Scheduling reels via social media tools

June 2nounced a Reels API access for third-party platforms. The expectation was shared that this will be rolled out to all Instagram accounts today (July 6). With this API access, users can use scheduling platforms such as HootSuite, Sprout Social, and Later to schedule, post, modify, and analyze Reels.

This new option makes it a lot easier for companies to incorporate Reels into the content mix. Once you can plan and prepare something, it is easier to deploy. The expectation (and wish from Meta) is that companies will create and share Reels more often as a result of this API access.

All Instagram Videos Become a Reel?

In addition to introduhere all videos shared on Instagram will be shown as Reel.

This is something we’re testing (and VP Quality Email Lists have been!) with parts of our global community. – Meta

Chief and VP of Quality Email Lists

If you currently want to post a video to Instagram, you can choose between ‘post as post’ and ‘post as Reel’. If you post your video as a post, it will appear in your feed and it will be shared with your followers. If you post your video as a Reel, it will end up in the Reel algorithm, so the question is who sees your video. Is this desirable?

In additiia his Instagram channel that they are testing a new ‘full-screen feature’ for Reels. And just like TikTok, Instagram is expanding the length options for Reels as well. It is now possible to malook and feel is getting closer and closer to TikTok in this way.

With these innovations, Meta tries to make it easier and more attractive for companies to use Reels. But the question remains: will companies really do this more often? Making a Reel simply takes more time than making a post. And whether that investment of time outweighs what you achieve as a company with a Reel …

I’m curious! Is ‘Reels’ also on your to-do list? And if so, how high

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