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As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, it can predict the language customers will use when contacting customer service. This allows customer service agents to be better prepared for any questions or issues that may arise. It also helps to speed up the process of solving any problems.


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I entered a few keywords into the AI-assisted ‘YouWrite’ function of search engine . With this tool you can create a short paragraph, email or even an essay based on a few keywords in no time.

I filled in the words ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘language prediction’ and ‘customer service’ and the above paragraph is the result. And it is indeed true what it says! Artificial intelligence as a tool for a better customer experience

It is no longer news ucial for success. We see that customers increasingly value the experience they have with a company. Consumer confidence is expected to fall this year due to, for example, inflation and economic uncertainty.

Providing a good customer experience therefore becomes even more important to bind the already insecure customer to your company. Contacting customer service is an extremely important part of that experience. After all, that is often the first moment of contact for customers if they have a question or problem about a product or service.

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closing the gap

It is therefore no superfluous luxury that customer contact centers are optimally set up to help customers as well and efficiently as possible. However, 83% of customer contact centers say they are not yet able Accounting Directors Email Lists to deliver the service that the customer expects from them. So there’s a huge hole there. Automation through machine learning and artificial intelligence can play an important role in closing this gap.

Accounting Directors Email Lists

After all, a good customer experience should be effortless and we see that customers are often willing to use automated features if it saves them time and effort. A good implementation of artificial intelligence in customer contact centers can therefore make the life of both the customer and the customer service representative a lot easier by automating standardized tasks. In short, a win-win.


Human contact remains essential

This may all sound pretty simple, but of course it isn’t. First of all, companies need to think carefully about what exactly they want to automate and why. Often these are repetitive questions that are linked to data. To automate effectively, you as a company must be well aware of the most frequently asked and possible questions from customers.

To find out, first of all an e

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