Text Design Alignment vs Justification

As designers, we have a multitude of elements to convey a message. Some may be more indirect, such as composition or layout, and others more direct, such as images or texts. On this occasion, we will focus on the latter and that is that. Whether in physical or digital format, we are always looking. For a basic objective: to have a good design without losing legibility. We have previously. Dealt with this topic in our articles on hierarchy or contrast. But this time we want to focus on something that we often leave aside. And that is the way in which we adjust a text with respect to its own paragraph.

Types of text alignments: left-aligned, center-aligned

To do this, in most cases we have two options: alignment and justification. Surely you have heard these terms and have used them on some occasions if you have worked with texts. But, do you know when it is better to use an aligned and when a justified one? And within each of them, what type of aligned and/or justified is it correct to use? Today we T-Shirt Design want to solve these doubts, so that we can have a more complete vision of how to layout our texts. We have seen that there are three types of alignments, and surely you have seen each of them used in different environments, but we are going to recommend where it is best to use them. In the cases that we are going to name, we refer to texts that are read from left to right.

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When to use aligned texts

Types of text alignments When we talk about alignment, we are referring to those texts that, when a word does not have enough space on its line, jumps directly to the next line, leaving the space it would occupy on the previous line. This text will always align in one of three positions: left, center, or left. As seen in the image, if the paragraph is aligned to the left, the text is aligned with the left margin, and in the right margin, it has Phone Number MX that characteristic irregular shape. Alignment is the most common way in which we are going to find any text online. Of course, if you have worked with some type of word processor, surely you know that there are several types of alignments.

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