Technology transfer Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List product for 2 years, monthly salary doubled by 4 times, some of my insights and thinking

In fact, if I didn’t choose to transfer Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List products and did development in a down-to-earth way, it would not be surprising that I could get a monthly salary of 20,000 today; however, income is not the whole of a job. I would like to review first, why I chose to transfer to product manager in the first place.

 From confusion to firmness, thanks to the guide

In 2017, I graduated from university, followed my undergraduate major, and joined an Internet company as a java development engineer; for a year and a half, I was coding and changing bugs every day, and it was common to work overtime all night. “Conversation” with the machine at night makes me feel boring; looking at the thinning hair of the predecessors and the repetitive work content day after day, I can’t see the hope of the future, and I feel very confused.

In fact, my personality itself is more lively and outgoing, and I prefer to deal with people.

 But I didn’t find a better alternative until the day that was destined to change my destiny.

I still remember that it was October 8, 2018. When I had a dinner date with my university friends, we talked about the work.

A college friend is a product manager, so he Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List introduced me to some of the product manager’s work: for example, through user experience design, users can use it more easily and conveniently, so that they have a better impression of the product; for example, by drawing user portraits, accurately Meet the needs of different groups of people; and how product managers can realize the commercial value of products and create profits for the company…

What he said was like opening the door to a new world for me. I finally realized that being a product manager might be the best career choice for me.

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I was deeply attracted by the work of product managers, so my friends also recommended the. “Everyone is a Product Manager” community to me. That was the first time I knew about this platform. And the fate with Renren also set sail.

Now that I think about it, everyone is the product manager community and its starting point college, which has provided me with the most help on the way to the job transfer.

On the subway back home that day, I followed the official account of “Start Point Academy”, and went home after listening to the “30 Lectures of Liang Ning’s Product Thinking”, and since then I have embarked on the “road of no return” for my product…

Finally, in early 2019, I successfully transferred products internally.


For a product novice, the only way to successfully transfer jobs is to learn.

What to study? This is the fundamental and underlying thing. If there is no skeleton of this knowledge, there is no way to understand other things well. And it will become inefficient because there is no logic.

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