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A partnership with is also underway the aim of these actions being of course to gain visibility with young people , by adopting a lighter tone that contrasts with the more serious tone of urgency usually taken by charities. The digitization of organizations represents a considerable opportunity in terms of increasing donations collecte but also in terms of improving the quality and relevance of campaigns – analysis, tracking and finally optimization using web tools. Donation campaigns must have the right message to be sure to reach their target and create the act of giving, and for this, digital offers great opportunities for improvement. Digital has become one of the main marketing and communication levers in the real estate sector. It is also on the Internet that everything is being playe out.

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In February 2016 according to Médiamétrie, a third of Internet users, or 16.8 million French people, visite a real estate site. No less than 7.4 million real estate advertisements were publishe on the Web during this month. The challenge for real estateon the Web, as efficiently and relevantly as possible. Thus, it is necessary, even imperative, to SEO optimization Saudi Arabia Phone Number List for search engines create an attractive virtual showcase , thanks to a high-performance website (in terms of navigation, ergonomics and Responsive Web Design), visually attractive and optimize for SEO. But to gain more visibility and acquire new customers, you have to reach out to the audience where it is. And Facebook is 32 million active users in France.

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The main goal being to communicate

Facebook Ads a powerful tool for proximity marketing Social networks and in particular Facebook, represent a very powerful marketing lever that can be exploite thanks to the advertising networks develope in parallel in this case Facebook Phone Number MX Ads . It is also the first social network use by real estate players , since 35% of them are present there and followe to publish content mainly on the news of the sector (73%) or the company. (35%). about the agency or the brand and to “occupy the ground” for 71% of them. (Source: Happy Curious for Pierre & Vacances and Center Parcs). fans-real estate-facebook The virtual showcase that is a brand’s Facebook page represents a relay, a link between the company and its customers.

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