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Since the closure of Google Reader in 2013, content monitoring and curation tools have continued to develop. In a professional context, there are different types of monitoring. We can carry out commercial, competitive, creative, media monitoring, etc. Whatever the objective of monitoring, we will show you how to carry out effective monitoring and curation of content using relevant tools Manage your RSS feeds with readers To not miss anything new offered on a website, you can first subscribe to RSS feeds. By doing this, the subscriber automatically receives newly created content on a website. It is through an aggregator or a feed reader that one can subscribe, receive and read the new contents of a site. This is very useful when you want to be notified of new articles published on a blog.

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Here you no longer need to subscribe to a newsletter or go directly to the website in question. After the end of Google Reader, feed aggregator Feedly took over the market. With simple and intuitive ergonomics, it is the most popular tool for subscribing to feeds of articles selected according to one’s needs. We also owe this success to and the many creibility and expertise in Benin Phone Number List the brand categories they possible customization options for managing RSS feed subscriptions. Content curation with Feedly RSS feed aggregator But Feedly is not the only RSS reader available. , like Feedly, integrates third-party applications such as social networks. The interest of Netvibes lies in the automation of tasks, what Netvibes calls “Potions”. They allow you to create predefined tasks based on desired triggers and actions. You also have the option of choosing “ready-to-use” Potions. Potions allow you, for example, to receive notifications.

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It also allows to automatically share some predefined contents on social networks. Examples of possible Potions: When such an influencer publishes a new photo on Instagram, automatically share it on Twitter and Facebook. netvibes potions watch content curation When Powertrafic publishes a new article on its blog, add it to a Pocket reading list and share it Phone Number MX on Facebook. netvibes potions watch content curation Other content aggregators exist. Examples include Digg , Inoreader , Flipboard and News Republic . Most of these readers have extensions available on web browsers, which is very convenient. 2 Use watch sharing tools When you have collected the information, you can share it on dedicated tools. These tools will also feed your own monitoring.

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