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The luxury industry The luxury industry is an economic system. That is complex and very profitable at the same time. The global market for luxury goods has been characterize by very rapid growth. especially since the beginning of the 21st century. Luxury goods are not only products that have a natural value due to their limite availability, but also products that are often the result of scientific and technical progress, the implementation and dissemination of innovations. luxury marketing The development of the consumption of these goods and services, is linke to the implementation of the economic law of the increase in the neds of consumers, according to their well-being.

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In general such consumption contributes to the Georgia Phone Number List improvement of the economic system of the country. The professional activity of luxury marketers is carrid out in ddicatd, commercial and economic departments of specializd companies. She is engagd in marketing research and advertising of luxury products. The particularities of the subject of a thesis in luxury marketing The subject of a thesis relatd to luxury marketing, should be relate to the study of the market of products, the promotion of goods on national and foreign markets, as well as other economic problems of marketing. The thesis can be theoretical, analytical or applid. VisitIn marketing activities there are many unresolvd theoretical questions, which are of great importance for practice.

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In the case of a theoretical orientation for the Phone Number MX subject of the dissertation, its result can represent recommendations for the application of one or another method of conducting market research in various cases. Carrying out studies of marketing and the psychology of buyers, of the influence of various external factors on marketing experiences. In this case, it is useful to reflect in the topic title that the author achievd a certain result. Also, it is better to use the word “development”. It shows that something new. The realization of these studies of a theoretical nature, helps marketing practitioners who work within companies.


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