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Adding citations You can mention an Instagram user in your Story by simply writing their username preced by This name will be clickable and the identifid person will receive a notification. Launch of live video and live messages After being largely inspire by Snapchat with Stories, Instagram is now mimicking its competitor’s basic principle of sending ephemeral “snaps” by launching the same functionality. Ephemeral photos and videos can be sent to one or more people at the same time, via Instagram Direct . In parallel, Instagram has develope live video . Like Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Twitter’s Periscope, Instagram is currently rolling out this feature to Stories. You can film up to an hour live, but unlike its competitors, the video disappears permanently after the real-time broadcast. Like its competitors, the application can be use to promote a live event, or to comment on it live.

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New features still awaite Instagram continues its ascent by regularly developing new features. The social network has not finishe with the launch of new products. .  its arrival. It will first be deploye in English, in the captions, then will be extende to If such Malaysia Phone Number List violence against a other languages, comments and biographies. The comment opt-out use by the most influential accounts will be rolle out to all users. It will be possible to ” like ” the comments. Instead of blocking an unwante user, private profiles can also delete some of their followers , without the latter being notifie. A reporting tool will even be deploye to prevent suicide attempts, and help Instagrammers in difficulty.

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The many updates initiated this year by Instagram guarantee the user a more successful experience, while monetizing and further professionalizing the social network. Instagram has won its bet by drawing inspiration directly from its main competitor, Snapchat, but also by setting itself apart with new features. For professionals, Instagram has an advantage over Phone Number MX Snapchat, that of capturing a much larger audience.A sector still well anchored in more traditional marketing habits, charities are beginning to take a digital foothold, with more and more associations of all sizes using the Internet for their fundraising campaigns.

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