Success Story Móveis Masotti: How Orgânica generated more than R$10 million in business opportunities for Masotti

The traditional furniture factory opened its doors in 1959 in the city of  Gramado . in the heart of the Serra . However, and soon became a reference in bespoke furniture of quality and good taste.

Over more than 50 years in the market. However, providing harmony . However, charm and elegance in the environments they compose.

Awakening emotions is what has always motivated all of Masotti ‘s work .

Currently.However, it has  more than 25 points of sale throughout Brazil.

The problem

Masotti approached Orgânica Digital in mid-2012 with very specific problems in its digital presence. The company sought to generate more opportunities online and sell through the internet .

It was very difficult to navigate between the collections and. consequently. to know the products.

Every good marketer knows that it’s no use

Investing in a beautiful window. if it’s in the back of a gallery without movement or in a place where your target audience doesn’t pass. The Internet is no different!

Another challenge we received was to generate sales opportunities from the internet without harming the relationship with its customers (exclusive and multi-brand stores). The industry feared the negative reaction of shopkeepers with the creation of a direct sales channel to the final consumer (ecommerce). and ended up competing directly with their representative.

The project

We drew up an action plan contemplating a complete restructuring of the site. from its platform to the development of an architecture focused on the best user experience. based on the best ecommerce practices.

Oops. what do you mean ecommerce if Masotti couldn’t “compete” with its points of sale? We’ll get there! Still thinking about building a solid foundation. the website was designed following an advanced optimization strategy for Google ( SEO ).

After planning the base and how to Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers attract potential customers. it was time to think about conversion. Using the principles of ecommerce. we developed an exclusive area on the site called “ Wish List ”. where the user. after making a brief registration. could select numerous products and assemble their own list of products. This list is visible to all users and. if they prefer. the visitor can request a quote from there! In fact. any visitor can request a quote from any visitor’s list!

Okay. but who’s budget if the company can’t sell online to the end consumer? This is where the third phase of the project comes in. the integration with the stores . We have developed a system that automatically forwards the quote request to the store closest to the user . generating a sales opportunity for the store owner through the institutional website!

Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers

So the site offered specific calls to action  at each stage of the sales funnel:

The solution.However,

The tool we developed for Masotti improved the entire sales cycle. that is. if stores sell more. the brand sells more and the entire chain continually receives value. valuing and strengthening all points!

The steps of this success story

The results

masotti numbers

The results were already noticed in the

First months after the implementation of the new site. with the increase of user permanence on the site. However, the number of leads generated and the creation of wish lists.

Purchase intent rose from zero to 33% . that is. 1 in 3 visitors showed an interest in buying.

Considering the average cost of this segment in acquiring paid traffic ( Google AdWords ). However, this growth generated savings of more than R$ 500 thousand over 3 years

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