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Reviews are very important for the perforThe better the rating and the more reviews your business profile has, the more likely you will be featured in Google Local Pack/Google Maps. Makes sense, too, if you Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists think about it. Google wants the best for their users and good reviews are in line with this.

In addition,

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if certain keywords appear in reviews, there is a greater chance that you will be shown for these keywords. These a


The above may not be completely new to you. It is generally known that both (reviews in combination with keywords) work well for your visibility. It’s just not that easy to get reviews with keywords that are interesting for you. Asking customers who have just bought a product from you to write a review with a certain keyword in it is of course not something you do so quickly.

What you do have control over is how you respond to the reviews you get. It is therefore smart to respond to every review in your company profile, both negative and positive. Why? It creates interaction and it gives your business a voice in the one-way street that the internet normally is. There are even companies that take the review management completely off your hands.

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The advantage of responding to reviews is also that you can include certain keywords in your responses. In the event that these come across naturally and are relevant to the response, of course. These are also signals to Google and it gives your Business Profile more context. For example, take a look at the two reviews below. Which response do you think has the most value?



4. Make Q&A work for you

Within a company profile, searchers have the option to ask questions in the ‘question-and-answer’ section. For example, you can get a quick answer to a question related to the customer service of that company. Or you, as a searcher for a restaurant, can quickly find out whether or not they offer your favorite dish.

When a question is asked, Google suggests a number of answers. Google obtains this information from reviews, but also from other input within the information section of the company profile or, for example, posts you place.

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