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Nothing indicates it during the programming. To remedy this, the same operation as via Facebook thanks to the online tool. Twitter Card validator which allows you to empty the cache and recover the feature image for your Twitter Cards. I advise you to repeat the operation between native URL and short URL if you use a tool like for example. Also consider changing the name of the image to avoid conflicts. Clear cache on Twitter Access the Twitter tool. Twitter Card Validator Fill in the URL of your article and click on Preview card until you see your new image appear. Repeat the operation with short URL to avoid a possible display problem. And now the cache is cleare.

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When we talk about social media, the first idea Lebanon Phone Number List that comes to mind for many people is social networks . Well, it’s much more than that. Social media includes all web platforms that aim to create communities and share information. This is why websites, social networks, blogs are all social media. Any company that wants to be known today and does not make use of these tools will be left behind. These web platforms allow any company to make itself known locally and internationally. Here are a few business successes that have taken advantage of these social media. Ali Baba You all know this Chinese company that derives the majority of its income from the internet.

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Present in almost all the countries of the world, the Phone Number MX company offers business-to-business exchange services, wholesale and retail platforms, online payment services, etc. As far as this company is concernd, the majority of transactions are made online. line . It has been able to develop its web platforms, in particular its social media, which play a fundamental role in its development. The marketing managers of this Chinese company have spare no effort to hoist it to its current rank thanks to web tools. Alibaba holds most of the online sales market with its competitor Amazon. Amadeus rail Amadeus rail’s vision is to be recognize as the first in the rail industry.

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