So the Main Characteristic That Distinguishes Long

Currently, many people are ‘impatient’ with organic optimization, be it long tail or buying. So people then do keyword optimization by buying ads. Both strategies are legal, depending on the budget you have. For those of you who want their website content to appear in


top searches, of course you need to do various strategies.

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1 long tail keyword
2 buying keywords
3 which is Greece Phone Number better long tail or buying keywords?
4 integrating optimization strategies
long tail keywords
long tail keywords

what are long tail keywords? We can interpret

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it as a derived keyword from the short tail keyword . If the short tail keyword is still general, it is different from the long tail which targets more specific and targeted keywords. In addition, keyword competition is also still relatively small.

So the main characteristic that distinguishes long tail keywords is that they are more specific, targeted, and the level of competition for keywords used in search engines is also small. However with this search, the volume will grow over time, so it’s not absolute that long tail is easier to do because the search volume is less.

Another characteristic of long tail keywords is the number of words used. If the sort tail is usually one or two words. When you use a long tail strategy, you will find more than three words to target your website content keywords.

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