SEO Trends to Watch Belarus Phone Number for in 2022

As we begin 2022, now is the Belarus Phone Number perfect time to look forward and revisit your digital marketing strategies. Search engines are constantly advancing and updating, so keeping up and adjusting your search engine optimisation practices is important for keeping up with recent trends. We can see some SEO trends already emerging, so we have broken down what New Zealand’s marketers and small businesses should anticipate in the changing landscape of digital marketing in the year to come.

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The Importance of Page Experience

In 2021, Google began the slow rollout of their Page Experience Algorithm, which means a user’s page experience will be a heavier ranking factor. The algorithm includes Core Web Vitals, which evaluate a user’s overall experience with a web page. Page Experience Algorithm also assesses other metrics, including loading speed, interactivity, visual stability, and HTTPS security.

Want to see how your website is performing on this front? Check out Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, which can tell if your website passes the Core Web Vitals Assessment. Analyse your URL to see how it performs on both mobile and desktop. And explore opportunities to improve your website’s performance.


User Intent is Changing

In 2021, Google also released its Belarus Phone Number Multitask Unified Model (MUM). MUM helps Google use contextual information to present more comprehensive answers to complex search queries. When businesses understand what users are searching for and provide them with content that answers their questions, they stand to benefit as much as the users. Paying close attention to search queries will allow businesses to create competitive content that their online audience wishes to consume. Focus on making your solution the best for their needs. This will bring in more organic traffic, ensure that traffic stays longer on your website, and build trust with your target audience.

To read more about Search Intent and how to optimise your website keywords for it, check out our Keyword Research Step Guide.


Expect a Stronger Focus on Mobile

The majority of internet users access sites through mobile devices. Due to this, mobile UX will continue to be an intensifying focus for NZ’s SEO and digital marketing experts. In 2021, Google wrapped up the rollout of Mobile-First Indexing (MFI). MFI prioritises the indexing and ranking of mobile-friendly websites. Because of this, non-mobile-responsive websites and sites that offer poor mobile UX will suffer in their search rankings in 2022. If you have a separate desktop and mobile site, it is time to consider migrating to a mobile responsive site.


Voice Search Is on the Rise

Voice search is becoming more popular worldwide, especially with the rise of smart speakers such as Google Home and Alexa. Rather than typing keywords, people ask questions and expect an answer as if they were having a human conversation. Because of this, businesses need to ensure their content is relevant, comprehensive, and conversational to adapt to voice search.

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