Pure SEO Takes GOLD at IAB NZ Digital Bahamas Phone Number Advertising Awards

Bahamas Phone NumberPure SEO has won GOLD at the IAB New Zealand Digital Advertising Awards – under the Data and Effectiveness category – Best Use of SEM and/or SEO. It had led the field with two finalist nominations in the category.

The winning entry: ‘SEO WARS: The Tortoise & the Hares’ was based on the advanced search engine optimisation techniques used on the company’s own website: Bahamas Phone Number after a migration from a previous domain. It is a success story of overcoming Google search challenges which often occur when transitioning from a local to a global website.

Digital Advertising Awards

“What is the best way for an SEO agency to demonstrate that they are the best in New Zealand? The answer is to rank their own website for the most competitive keywords: ‘seo’, ‘seo nz’, ‘seo auckland’, ‘number one seo company nz’ & many more” – says Dallas Rabot, Head of Product at Pure SEO who led the teams on the project.

“Our competitors had a head start. When Bahamas Phone Number we moved from pureseo.co.nz to pureseo.com – we had to start again from the bottom. Fast-forward a year and we had catapulted ourselves to first place.

Our in-house team’s expertise in technical analysis, software engineering, content creation and link building achieved this.

‘The aftermath’ – the post-launch period of not only a domain migration, but also a simultaneous technology switch to a new web architecture was a painful process. The methodology and implementation involved however was cutting-edge and included an implementation technique that needed to be invented.

The results speak for itself: Slow & steady wins the race.” Says Rabot.

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