The Pure SEO Guide to Switzerland Phone Number Heading Structure

Switzerland Phone NumberHeading structure is one of the Switzerland Phone Number determining signals for rankings in search engine results. It also helps to improve user experience. Implementing a heading structure for SEO is an easy and effective way to make your content easier to navigate and understand for users and search engine bots alike. Check out our ultimate guide below to learn why headings are key to SEO and how to use them effectively to improve your pages’ rankings and user experience.

What is a Heading Structure?

Headings are used to designate specific sections and subsections of content within a page. They’re usually more prominent text—larger, bolded, and perhaps in branded colours—to make them stand out.

Heading structure, sometimes known as heading hierarchy, refers to where and how headings tags appear on a web page. The order of headings on a page affects how those headings interact with another. An H2 heading for example, is typically used for primary sections of content. An H2 heading followed by another H2 heading suggests that the content has moved on to a new section.

What is a Heading Tag?

Headings tags are a part of HTML, used to determine the hierarchy of each heading. Heading tags range from H1-H6, and appear like this:

  • H1 Heading – Page Title (Each page should have exactly one H1 heading)
  • H2 Heading – Primary Subheadings
  • H3 Heading – Subsection within an H2
  • H4 Heading – Subsection within an H3
  • H5 Heading – Subsection within an H4
  • H6 Heading – Subsection within an H5

With each heading, the content becomes Switzerland Phone Number more specific. However, it’s rare for content to require anything past an H4 heading. Header tags determine the importance of content and should introduce what the following section will contain.

How Heading Structure Affects Your SEO

Clear and concise headings are important for SEO. They help users navigate the content and find what’s relevant to them. A poor heading structure can increase bounce rate (users quickly leaving the page) and negatively impact your site’s authority, pushing your content further down in search engine results.

Alongside user navigation, headings also help search engine bots contextualise the content on a page by designating which sections of content are the most important or prominent and how various sections of content relate to one another.

SEO Best Practices for Heading Structure

Stick to the Hierarchy

An optimised heading structure should be presented in numerical order. For instance, you shouldn’t jump from an H1 to an H3. See how we’ve used heading structure to create a logical order of content on the Pure SEO homepage, on the Headings Map pictured here.

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