Selling Your Products On Instagram Will Soon Be Possible

Chat space interface on Workplace An administere and secure account: To these tools already more or less present on Facebook, is adde an administrator account to manage business settings, groups, content, employees and analyze statistics. A mobile-friendly collaborative tool: Workplace is also Responsive Web Design and available as an application, it can be use anywhere, anytime and from any medium. From a mobile, all you have to do is download the Workplace and Work Chat applications.Logo Workplace by Facebook Should we adopt Workplace? It is precisely because Workplace’s interface and ergonomics are very similar to Facebook’s that this platform has a major advantage over its competitors. It is considere that the functionalities of Facebook have already been acquire by the 31 million active French users.

Interface of the space dedicated to groups

This makes the business version of Facebook very familiar and easy to use , requiring little or no training from its future users. In addition, some interface features are very valuable, such as the Work Chat application for making audio or video calls with digital Netherlands Phone Number List content one or more people. A non-negligible asset at a time when the world of work is evolving towards coworking, homeworking, more frequent business trips Unlimite storage and file sharing is also a real plus, groups to facilitate collaborations and partnerships.  on Workplace Finally, this version for professionals could also help improve employee productivity. We know that Facebook is the time-consuming activity par excellence. We also spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Being connecte to Workplace could avoid going astray on your personal account.

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Some examples of using Workplace Exchange more quickly and simply comments-reactions-workplace Facebook-by-Workplace-Workchat Share company projects and objectives sharing-projects-workplace-objectives Engage in dialogue workpalce-engage-the-dialogue Keep employees informed workplace-inform-employees Share content workpalce-content-sharing Solicit Phone Number MX employee feedback workplace-survey Publish live workplace-facebook-live Workplace positions itself as a direct competitor to Slack Slack, the reference collaborative platform Since its creation in 2013, Slack has become a benchmark in the collaborative platform market . Halfway between the social network and instant messaging, Slack facilitates real-time communication for many companies.

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