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Example or even the 10 trendy shops of the moment etc. Pinterest is truly THE social network that can help you breathe new life into your content. Think about ways to categorize your content and how to share it with your community. Pinterest In conclusion For the community manager, each content has its specificities. Just as much as social networks. The idea is to know how to associate the content with the social network.  That is going well to optimize its reach and its lifespan. Images, visuals, photographs are obviously the basic content to share on Pinterest. But articles can just as much be classifie in boards. Pinterest can be a social network to integrate into its digital strategies. On this lever that is the lifespan of the content.

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Training programs for example, are a good way Latvia Phone Number List to integrate them with Pinterest. Many examples are possible it remains to discover them and exploit them. In China, (as in many places on the planet) consumers do not trust the information given by their government, nor by institutions, nor by the pres. they trust their circle of friends and in people they know on social media. It is important to know that the Chinese government controls a lot (and more and more) the Chinese web with the famous “Great Firewall”, and its latest updates. Social networks and some websites that we know such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube are prohibited in China. This gave way to Chinese social networks to develop Sina Weibo, wechat and youku.

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The features are almost identical. The Chinese Phone Number MX spend most of their time on their smartphones. Indee, a study shows that 91% of Chinese Internet users have an account on at least one social network. The social media market in China is very develope, but changes regularly. There is a large community that is growing gradually over the years. Community Management is done on its networks by making daily updates to be as visible as possible to customers. In the 2000s, QQ was king. Messaging (like MSN) was well establishe. Afterwards, Renren or.

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