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Such creative research requires daring to interpret and interpret in order to rise above the data. The creative processes that are evoked help to look from a different perspective and so theories can arise that may not yet exist. Behavioral psychology and design thinking complement each other well in this regard. At the same time, standard tooling for market research remains necessary to constantly keep in touch with what is going on, especially now that changes are happening faster and faster. Putting a dot on the horizon and continuous measurement in the short term are not mutually exclusive.

Fundamental positioning research and unconscious drives

When it comes to a long-term strategy for a brand, fundamental brand positioning research comes into play. T maps the position of brands in a visual way. This is based on a universal psychosocial model of human functioning. This makes it possible to investigate the unconscious in addition to conscious behavior and perceptions. This makes BrandneXt™ ideally suited for exposing different need segments in a market. In addition, the model shows how a brand scores in terms of positioning and brain position compared to the competitors. This provides information to be able to move forward for years and to make choices about topics such as brand positioning, brand innovation and brand portfolio.

Trend 3: data-driven marketing

Analyzing and interpreting data from visitors makes it possible to tailor content and campaigns to target groups increasingly finely. This indispensable trend in market research is the result of several developments.
Accountability is therefore becoming increasingly important. Decisions must be substantiated and marketing must provide Canadian CEO Email List evidence. Accountability for the marketing budget is important for organizations, especially in uncertain times. Data-driven marketing can be highly efficient, but the long-term view of brand growth should not be lost sight of.

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Unlock and connect data

In addition, more and more is possible with data. Especially now that larger mountains of data are flowing in at companies, the trick is to unlock that data and connect it well to make it work for you. The link with market research is crucial. Think, for example, of connecting research data with internal and external data, financial data and actual behaviour. Such links are essential not only to predict the future success of a product, but also to determine your brand positioning, determine the effectiveness of your communication and improve customer loyalty.

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