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Broad editorial line. This means in return a relatively sustaine production of content, sometimes up to per day. But at this stage we are talking more about a collaborative project for the pro blogger. Conclusion on the pro blogger Here is a summary in a few points. A project well put together upstream : strategy, objectives, ditorial line, presence on social networks. A budget to audience. And if traditional banks have the means to adapt. Their so-calle “classic” structures nevertheless represent a major obstacle to their adaptability. Inded more and more professionals and individuals are turning to organizations specializing in online credit.

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This is to facilitate the process, but also and above Turkey Phone Number List all to spee it up. On the other hand, the real estate sector still benefits from the main support of traditional banks. This is the case for the granting of loans for very large sums in particular. The sector generally goes through an institutionalizd financial scheme, while microcreit has become the monopoly of lending organizations, whose secret lies in the dematerialization of transactions. This digital transformation of the banking landscape took place in 3 main phases, describebelow: 1. Microcrdit: a solution adapte to the economic system of the free market If today’s world is ultra-connecte , it especially allows individuals and professionals to have access to a whole multitude of products or services online. So much so that global demand explode following the arrival of the internet in the 2000s. This accessibility of tangible and intangible goods has change our consumption habits exponentially.

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As a result, a wealthy family of the 1950s could no Phone Number MX longer financially keep up with the current consumption rate of a middle-income family. The micro crdit In order to compensate for this lack of monetary funds necessary for the middle class to consume in the era of time, bank lending organizations then specializd in micro credits. Accessible and much less important than mortgages, they above all allow consumers to finance the purchase of intermdiate goods. It is no longer uncommon to have an outstanding mortgage with a bank, as well as a micro-crdit with a third-party organization to finance a passion, a secondary purchase or even a material need.

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