Reporters are the public – send reporters to the prisoners column, and the rest are all reporters

When the world becomes too absurd, some originally clear boundaries become blurred. The reporters who run the courtroom update tomorrow’s “menu” every night, listing the cases tried by different courts in Hong Kong. “Eastern District”, “Sha Tin” and “Kwun Tong” are the names of the courts, plus the time and the facts of the case. Due to the limited number of reporters in a media, basically only newsworthy cases can be selected for hearing. Last night, among the numerous anti-amendment cases of assaulting police and riots, there was one case: “Fanling No. 1 Court 1200 New Cases”. It is not the first, nor will it be the last, that a reporter becomes a defendant.

But the symbolic meaning of this

Case is that Nigeria Phone Number the arrest was of a veteran journalist who “violated the law” that has been used by investigative journalists for decades: a license plate search. However, because the government-related application form was revised in October last year, the option for applicants to click the tick has been cancelled, and the “Other” box where they can fill in “News Interview” by themselves has been cancelled, and it has become only “Other matters related to transportation and transportation”. , “Proceeding legal proceedings”, “Buying and selling vehicles” three options. “Press interview” is not among the options. Cai Yuling was charged with “false statement”. The incident shocked the Hong Kong press. Cai Yuling was arrested for “public affairs”,

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If you want to go to court, you have to arrive early

Arrow_forward_iosunderstand. More powered by gliastudio the hearing seats of the court. Are distributed in three categories. The first category is the “Family seat”. Allowing several family members of each defendant to enter. The second category is the “Reporter seat”.Allowing the media to send representatives. To interview; the third category is the “Citizen seat. Allowing the general public to enter audition is also a form. Of court transparency. The juvenile court does not have a public gallery to protect. The privacy of minors. In the past, the sensational cases, such as the trial of the nine sons. Of occupy central, sometimes had to wait in line outside the court with enthusiastic. Citizens four to five hours before the court. Hearing due to the limited press room.

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