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Characters (140 when it was create) hence the term micro-blogging associatd with it. A news fed where the customer will have to be short, to solicit a company or any brand. It is private messaging that will offer him the possibility of fully expressing himself, out of sight of users of the Twitter platform. Twitter, a platform cut out for customer relations if it is well managd by the company, through community management. The benefits of Twitter in customer relations The first interesting point that goes in the direction of the user is its transparency, since anyone can see a message addresse to a brand or a company.

A Message Addresse To A Brand Or A Company

As soon as this message mentions a problem encountere Poland Phone Number List with a service or a product, it means reacting quickly. We can therefore judge a company on its ability to bounce back quickly and find solutions. If on the one hand there is the transparency offere by Twitter , the spee with which we must react to requests, raises another advantage, that of immediacy. A community manager will be constantly on standby for notifications relate to his news fed on Twitter, in order to react as quickly as possible according to the degree of solicitation. The second advantage is subtle, but since Twitter only offers 280 characters, which is more than enough, a customer will have to go to the essentials without spreading out.

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As Soon As This Message Mentions A Problem

If he can actually resort to several messages  Phone Number MX tweets which will follow one another, it will not necessarily be the most use means. The advantages of Twitter in customer relations Twitter private messaging is an advantage in this regard, because the Internet user can freely report a problem encountere, without being limite by the 280 characters. Raise the human factor in your communication, which remains a value-adde factor when many structures are moving towards chatbots, for example. The customer relationship is, in my opinion, a job that requires the human before the technology, and this despite an era where the all-digital seeks to impose itself. Well exploite, the customer.

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