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Them it is impossible to know the needs of the company, the lack of skills or the key skills. Fortunately, today it is possible to make the most of these two elements thanks to digitization. In particular, HR software contains essential tools to use these indicators, and to create very detaile reports. So how do they combine to improve business insights ? The HR dashboard and its role in knowledge creation Goals and objectives help guide actions and strategies. Without them, the business would operate in the dark , which would be even worse if there was no way to measure results. An HR dashboard fulfills this function, and can be applied to any area of ​​the business. It is enough to choose the most appropriate HR indicators and, above all, to observe them well.

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Over time the HR indicators will begin to Cayman Island Phone Number List reveal data on the achievement of the propose objective. This is already indicative, although it is not enough to transform data into information. Perhaps the turnover rate has increase, or the processing times have decrease, and the underlying reason for these two phenomena is not clear. However, underestimating the usefulness of indicators would be a serious mistake. Data must be analyze and processe to achieve true knowledge . This is why it is so important to choose them well; a task that may seem complicate. The HR dashboard Today, HR software with HR indicators and KPIs facilitates both their creation and their selection . For example, Bizneo HR compiles the main indicators, and groups them by domain.

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This speeds up both the selection and follow-up Phone Number MX processes. The automation of monitoring and the facilitation of their management is already considerable progress . Human Resources specialists will be able to focus their attention on other higher value tasks. This can be an in-depth analysis of indicators, or applying improvements to the recruitment and selection process. The HR KPIs are therefore reinforcd by the application of software. But what about reports? Bizneo: HR indicators and KPIs HR reports and their influence on decision-making The indicators show the reality of the.

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