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Students know about MOOCs. Students and social networks Here is the percentage distribution of the social networks practicd by the students (on which they are registere. Nothing surprising at the top of the ranking: Student registrations on the various social networks: 93% on Facebook 82% on Snapchat 64% on Instagram 53% on Twitter 44% on Linkedin 32% on Pinterest 10% off Periscope Facebook is unquestionably number one among students. Then comes Snapchat, a short-livd social network that has often been advertise as the social network for young people, although more and more 30-somethings are using it today. Note the performance with 44% of students who are registere and present on Linkedin.

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A good rate, which also shows the interest of Venezuela Phone Number List positioning yourself quickly on the job market after your studies but is it a social network that students are intereste in? Then Periscope is dead last with 10% of subscribers, a social network base on live video streaming but which apparently does not “yet” appeal to young people. Students’ favorite social networks Now let’s take a look at the social networks that students prefer in the end. After having subscribe to various social networks, what remains as an impression and observation? The top 3 social networks: 45% of students prefer Facebook 19% of students prefer Snapchat 18% of students prefer Instagram If 93% of students are registere on Facebook, only 45% of them prefer it to others. 19% prefer.

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Snapchat and almost as many (18%) prefer Phone Number MX Instagram. Other social networks: of students prefer Twitter 3% of students prefer Linkedin 3% of students prefer Pinterest If Linkedin is certainly not the sexiest of social networks, we discover on the other hand that Pinterest is not unanimous among young students. Pinterest is not considere a social network by its creators, but rather a catalog of ideas that highlights collections of photos, on which it is easy to come back because of an optimizd ranking. If the photo is a content very popular with the young and the less, we discover that it is the ephemeral which occupies a.

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