Real Estate Precisely Target Your Future Buyers With Facebook

It is also possible for the person to share your post by adding a comment to it (it will then appear in their newsfeed), or to comment on the post, in this case a message indicating “So and so has commente on this post” appears. To better understand : viralite-lk All these interactions with the publications create a real tunnel of visibility. viralite-lk-2 Did the time and day of posting impact the experience? Returning to the evolution of the number of “ Likes ”, we note that the weekend was not the best period for the test. Not surprising given the professional aspect of Linkedin, we can safely say that this network is less consulte on weekends.

That can increase tenfold to infinity

Nevertheless the first commitments obtaine between Thursday and Sunday probably allowe the publication to be seen more importantly on Monday morning when the work week resume. Some concrete figures on this experience At the time social network Turkey Phone Number List in the world of writing this column (Friday, November 25) here are the results observe: 2,419 likes on the post 350 likes on a post share 92 comments 150 shares A hundre visits on the profile A hundre new connections Contrary to what some comments suggeste, there was no particular spike in traffic to our site coming directly from Linkedin.

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Exchange with Internet users

The organic traffic from Google generated as a result of this experience is not easily measurable, so it is difficult for us to quantify this, but in any case we have not experienced any significant overall traffic peak over this period. lk-end-results A good growthhacking technique? Growthhacking consists of implementing marketing techniques with high growth potential and low financial investment to significantly develop a company’s activity. Concretely, this experience allowed me to develop my network of contacts, to give visibility to the agency, to  in various Phone Number MX professional positions, to arouse interest (positive or not). So much data collected and dialogues initiated with potential prospects. Viral phenomena on social networks If this kind of viral and almost united phenomenon is rather recent on Linkedin, on other social networks and in particular on Facebook they are recurrent and very fashionable.

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