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Community manager If we compare the community manager to the blogger. On their similar skills, we can point out that the CM still has serious advantages. Let’s take a look at the community manager’s skills in relation to the blogger. Editorial quality Mastery of community animation Good knowldge of. WordPress Content production: videos, visuals, audio quite creative. Knowledge of Photoshop Mastery of social networks Knowledge of. Facebook and Twitter ads platforms Knowledge of contest mechanics Knowledge of natural referencing. SEO Mastery of many tools. The list can still be long because the community. Manager has multiple skills and knowledge on many axes.

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Clearly he knows WordPress and masters social networks Senegal Phone Number List with many tools. He knows how to create visuals, create content and is a relatively good writer in general. These qualities are therefore more than enough to become a blogger and benefit from it in the context of its activities. He will be able to assert his expertise, add a string to his bow by becoming a blogger and ensure a significant additional skill. By pushing his blogging experience further, he can easily monetize his blog if the theme lends itself to it. We will see the advantages in detail later. The blogger The blogger himself has many skills when he is intereste in everything that revolves around blogging.

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Understanding the mechanics of social Phone Number MX networks, sharing tools and image diting are skills that he necessarily acquires at one time or another. The engine remains mainly the passion which is at the center of his motivation. You can also make it your job, and in this case you have to know what the work of a professional blogger represents . The skills of the blogger are broad, but in general here is what he masters: Mastery of WordPress Knowledge of HTML  CSS Mastery of many plugins to increase its visibility Knowledge of image editing (via Photoshop) Knowledge of monetization mechanics Knowledge of Analytics and Google Adwords Knowledge of natural.

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