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Exit the cold tutorial common to all the solutions. There is now a step-by-step guide with steps as well as explanatory visuals. Installation of the. Facebook pixel with the Tag Manager You can also request a platform integration. We also invite you to submit your solution if it is not present, enough to move things forward on. Widely used CMS such as WordPress and. Prestashop, platforms on which Facebook could provide. Turnkey solutions that work perfectly and can be downloaded in a free version for its advertisers. The American giant has nevertheless planned. Things for platforms that are not available or for home-made sites that do not use any of the solutions offered.

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If you work from another type of site, you will have a dedicated tutorial. That will guide you in a clear and uncluttered way. Throughout the procedure. Classic installation of the Facebook Pixel Very practical indications for brands or small e-tailers. Who were hesitant to get started, due to the complexity of the installation. The pixel coupled with the other distribution Malta Phone Number List of a business page is very targeting criteria of Facebook Ads offers significant possibilities for increasing ROI and is . Feel free to read our articles on advertising on Facebook Ads to discover features you may not have known and to learn more about the benefits of the Facebook pixel.Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year, especially for e-merchants.

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 The purchasing behavior of Valentines

It’s a fact: 99% of French people who celebrate Valentine’s Day mark the event with a gift. And whether the purchase involves ordering a jewel, a bouquet of roses, chocolates or booking a hotel or a good restaurant, a good number of French women and men will use the internet to please to their better half. Hence the need for digital players to offer Phone Number MX offers that are all calibrated for the occasion and to define a communication budget accordingly. Define your Valentine’s Day strategy well in advance Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it is essential to fully understan and Valentines to meet their expectations as closely as possible. More than one French person out of two celebrates Valentine’s Day, and although generally, the purchase of a gift for the occasion turns out to be more impulsive than expected long in advance, some do not hesitate to put large sums to please their significant other.

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