Prototype documents, pay Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List attention to the following points, the cooperation with the development will be smooth

Usually, the prototype document is still Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List used for a i cannot pass the resume test. As a result. However, i switched to the product position. And received interview invitations from many. Companies one after another. There are a few interesting and rewarding interviews. The shortest process is a manufacturing company. With serial number 18. After hr gave my resume to. The boss. However, he was very interested in

Interactive animation

Interactive effects are very common in pages, such as drop-down, top, tab switching, pop-up layer, floating layer, hover, etc. There are also many awesome interactive effects, which are not listed here. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly describe the interactive effects required by the product, so that the front end knows what to do.

for example:


From this picture, it can be seen that the interaction involved is the month selection, and it is necessary to clearly describe whether the click appears or the hover appears; whether to use a unified drop-down control or a special drop-down effect.

The content in the drop-down list also needs to Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List be clearly described, which month to start taking the value, this year or last year, and which month to start from. If it is not clear, later development still needs to be asked, and it will be supplemented later. Because you can’t just talk to the development, what if the starter on the PC side and the H5 side are different? The test also needs to be tested according to this document. If the module is unclear, the test cannot be tested.

The description for reference is as follows:


 The location and status of the jump link

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for example:

Then you need to write clearly:

Do car pictures, car series names, and sales volumes need to be linke, and do they need hover status? How does Hover work? Of course, what the front-end likes most is to directly inform which web page to refer to. Products can be communicate face-to-face, or you can directly copy the reference URL link into the documentation description.

Because when I made this product, because I didn’t write the sales volume and needed to bring a link, the front  did not have a link in the sales volume, so the user could only click on the car model and the car model name to enter the car model details. change.


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