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On the occasion of the World Handball Championship, the Kindarena of Rouen, for example, broadcast part of the event on its Instagram account live and in the form of stories (photos and videos): the videos, moreover live, are a great way to engage a community and gain notoriety ! Geofilters Geofilters (geolocate filters) were launche in 2014 by SnapChat. Building on their success, Facebook imitateits competitor. The principle is simple: after taking a photo or video, you can add a geolocate filter with the name of the place where you are. snapchat-geolocate-filters-geofiltersIf the filters were first generate by SnapChat, you can now create and submit your own filters to the social network.

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Similarly sponsore geofilters can be purchasd on demand, as part of an event, for a company, etc. Sponsored geofilters, first use by McDonald’s, have become widespread. Hotels are also getting involved, as these examples from Starwood Hotels and W broke into our Luxembourg Phone Number List lives, in the aspect of Hotels demonstrate. snapchat-filter-starwood-hotelsfilters-snapchat-w-hotels Just like SnapChat, Facebook is currently rolling out its filter creation tool. It can also apply to videos. The purchase of sponsored filters is, you guessed it, reserved for very large budgets, because of their wide deployment.

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Facebook Canvas The ad creation formats developed by Facebook are always more innovative. One of the latest is the Canvas , a mobile storytelling in the form of photos and videos . It offers many possibilities for immersive and fun experiences that Phone Number MX tourism p. Canvases are also not only available for sponsorship, you can choose to create them in a free format as a simple publication to promote your page, or sponsor t thanks to an innovative format. Demo Facebook Canvas – Club Med / Spin Interactive from Spin Interactive on Vimeo . 360° photos and videos On Facebook, it is possible to publish 360° photos and videos (even live!), always with a view to an immersive and interactive experience.

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