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The other advantage of AdWords is its targeting options. You can precisely target the customers you want to reach from specific keywords, or on specific Web locations via the Display network (in remarketing, on sites related to your activity, etc.). By selecting the right targeting criteria, keywords and placements, your ads will find the audience most. Knowing that the customer journey of a future traveler is long-term, it is rare for Internet users to book or buy on their first visit: therefore, it seems interesting to target people who have already visited your website during their research, in particular through remarketing .

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These ads are displayed in Display for several days after browsing, and encourage Internet users to return to your site and finalize their purchase/reservation. To find out how to optimize your Google AdWords ads as much as possible, do not hesitate to the state of Latvia Phone Number List California. This is the enactment of a contact our experts and entrust them with the management of your campaigns. a tourist accommodation , then you should launch a campaign on Google Hotel Ads . A good way to significantly increase your visibility on the Web and your conversion rate, guaranteeing you visibility on Search , Google Maps , Destinations and Google + . When a user searches, for example, for a hotel in Rouen, you will appear at the very top of the search results page and in the top positions of their hotel search engine.

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Establishment just below located on Google Maps, and then appears in the first positions when the user clicks on the map, with reviews, prices and photos and other description according to what you have entered. Google Hotel Ads in Search Sponsored ads and Google Hotels in Maps How to make good use of social networks? Social networks offer multiple Phone Number MX opportunities for digital strategy. They have also developed advertising tools specially adapted to the needs of professionals. Social Ads: ultra-precise targeting With nearly one in two French people present on Facebook, and some 15 million visitors per month on Twitter, social networks are proving to be ideal platforms for promotion.

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