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Use clear and concise language avoid jargon Make short and simple sentences. Choose a legible font It is therefore important to know all the good practices in terms of web writing. To also allow your audience to read ergonomically. Natural referencing. Optimizing your article for SEO Your article is now written, congratulations. But it still remains to optimize it for its natural referencing. To ensure that Google indexes it correctly, it is essential to optimize it for search engines so that your page is positione in the first results. If the top 3 is targete, make sure that you respect the right length in terms of content. As well as the optimization of the lexical field of your keyword.

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It is necessary to define a maximum of words Guatemala Phone Number List that surround your subject and to approach them in the best and natural way within your article. This will allow Google to properly interpret your content to extract the central subject. The robots that crawl the pages pass regularly, so it is possible to optimize your articles even after they have been publishd. This is why it is interesting in terms of natural referencing, to know how to improve SEO with meshing and updating content? Without being an SEO specialist, you can take simple optimization actions for the SEO of your articles. The goal is to properly reference your blog or website. Web writing: SEO to be optimizd Here are some.

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SEO criteria use by Google Here is a list Phone Number MX of key points to optimize, to improve the natural referencing of your content and by extension their positioning on Google. ️ The choice of keywords : Doing work on the lexical field relate to your activity is an essential first step. List the key words and expressions and identify the queries of Internet users relating to your business. The title tag : Your SEO title (and not your H1 title) is the one that will stand out in search engine results. Make sure it is evocative, that it contains a maximum of 70 characters and the keyword of course. URL structure : Choose short links that encourage copying.

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