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Contributor wishing to produce content. How do I access Linkedin Pulse. First of all, I suggest that you switch your interface to English. So you will have access to options that are not available in French (it is not an obligation). To remedy this, go to the homepage of your Linkedin profile. Then at the top right by hovering over your photo. You will access the settings menu, click on language and choose the English language. Validation will be automatic. You can again switch to French if necessary. Linkedin Laurent Bour To now access the Pulse platform from the homepage, click on “write an article.

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Otherwise you can always access the Pulse interface Taiwan Phone Number List directly from this URL: Linkdin Pulse Linkedin Pulse Now we will detail each of the features present on the Linkedin Pulse writing interface. Features of Linkedin Pulse Linkedin Pulse contains the bare minimum in terms of functionality and that’s good! The platform is thus easily accessible to all without the ned for special knowldge. Also discover the 2018 features of Linkdin Upon arrival on the interface you will have a screen that will look like this (see image below). The area is very refined and leaves room for the essentials to immediately write these first contents. Click on the image if you want to enlarge it Editorial staff Linkdin Pulse.

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The different areas of Linkedin Pulse Linkedin Pulse is Phone Number MX very easy to learn and has a minimum of features to take full advantage of its articles. Let’s see the different areas (visual above) one by one to learn how to master the ditorial platform. 1 Your content : On the left side you will have access to your content (as soon as you have written it) as well as your drafts (writing ideas). If you wish to modify one of social network subscriptions It is always interesting to see how the preferences.

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