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This allows franchised or branch real estate agencies to create a real close link with their local customers and prospects. More than a communication tool, Facebook is a real webmarketing tool by allowing you to broadcast advertisements to the right people thanks to the different targeting options of Facebook Ads. Precisely identify your future buyers Upstream, you must define the audience you want to reach according to your marketing objective : t, his age, his family situation, his income, his habits, etc. Ask yourself the right questions to be able to identify your core target. Are you targeting young first-time buyers? Seniors looking for real estate investments.

The typical profile of the buyer

Professionals looking for a commercial space? Also keep in mind that the people who are on your Facebook page or who have reacted to your posts are existing customers or potential customers. So get to know them. For this, you can study the make up Senegal Phone Number List the big marketing picture. statistics of your page (via Facebook Insights), but also the audience statistics provided by Facebook. They will give you valuable information on the socio-demographic trends of your fans and your audience, their location, their lifestyle, their centers of interest and their behaviors. You can then direct your Facebook ads to the audience whose profile and interests coincide with the products and services you offer .

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Those who are passing through or are located

Define your marketing objective and target your audience Facebook Ads marketing objective When you choose the marketing objective of your advertising campaign on Facebook Ads, you will then be offered different targeting options. They Phone Number MX can be classified into six main categories: Geographic targeting : Target buyers based on where they are located (country, region or city). You can even be more precise by entering a postal code, an area, a district or a district. We can further refine the targeting by selecting only people who live in the chosen location, in the surrounding area. Demographic targeting : Identify your target based on their age, gender, family situation, type of housing, etc. Distribute your studio rental advertisements to young students and those of townhouses to families with children with comfortable incomes.

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