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This is where you can choose between ‘Buy’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Register’, ‘Book now’ and ‘Download’. call-to-action2 In your advertisements. Calls to action will vary depending on your campaign objective. The content is thus adapte depending on. Whether you want to promote an application, generate traffic on a site, promote locally, etc. call-to-action3 8. Generate traffic to your website Your Page will drive traffic to your website. For this, we will have to encourage users to click. You will first need to take care of your Facebook Page by filling in and frequently updating. All the information useful to the user. Then, make sure to publish relevant and attractive content very regularly, that is to say at least once a week. By adding links and calls to action (“call to action”) in your publications, you will encourage the Internet user to click and be redirecte to your website or to strategic landing pages, such as products.

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This way you can increase your conversion rate.. Finally, the many advertising formats offere by Facebook Ads are also a good way to drive traffic to your site. Creative ads will entice users and calls to action will entice them to click. using Facebook’s ree product Greece Phone Number List gift certificate or discount coupon, targeting options that you will reach the people most likely to be intereste in your site and your products. call-to-action4 9. Deploy a local strategy Want to promote your business locally? Encourage users to visit your store? Facebook has just develope a specific ad format: “ Local Awareness Ads ”. Their particularity is to appear in the newsfee of a user who approaches your location. You must first define the desire radius around your business, then choose an attractive photo and message.

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Then optimize your ad by adding a map on which the user will find the location of your business, the distance to travel and a route to get there, as well as the opening hours. local-awareness-ads2 Call-to-action buttons can be add to entice them to visit your store or contact you. call-to-action5 10. Sell its products and offer its services Did you know Phone Number MX that  you to sell your products and services? If you offer services, you can now highlight your service offering by configuring the Services tab of your, your customers will also be able to book these services directly on Facebook. Thanks to the new call-to-action buttons (“Get a quote” and “Request a meeting”), you will be able to manage requests via a Messenger thread.

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