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You can’t control winning in a match. Whether that succeeds is not only up to you, but opponents, the weather, your coach and many other things play a role in this. The same applies to being awarded a quote. You can strive for the best possible quote, but whether someone will sign depends on many factors, many of which are outside your sphere of influence.

4. Team interest is your own interest

Connect with your team, neighbourhood, association, friends. See your world in perspective by zooming out and wondering what you’re adding.

5. Accept your fate (and love it)

The fact that you were not chosen to lead a project means that you avoid all updates about that project or react badly to it. Pointless, because you are not leading the project and that is not going to change for the foreseeable future. Certainly not by sour comments. Accept that you are not leading the project. And see what makes you the wiser that this is the case: love the lesson that lies in adversity.

The fact that life is finite makes every day and every hour scarce. They won’t come back. As Burkeman suse them well for that reason alone.

7. Happiness is a by-product

Chasing happiness makes you unhappy. Precisely if you absolutely want to experience positive and beautiful things, you become hypersensitive to the dark side of things. Taking them for what they are makes you happy.

You have to think carefully about Chief VP Compliance Email Lists what you want, but in the meantime get moving. You find your purpose through movement, through action.

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If you are conscientious about what you do and try to live from the cardinal virtues (courage, justice, temperance, wisdom) you build character.s

In colloquial terms, the word stoic often refers to an emotionless or indifferent response to a fraught situation. That’s not what stoic thinking is. When your train pulls out from under your nose or someone else gets a job you wish you had, a primary emotional response is understandable.

Stoic thinking is especially used when that primary emotional response lingers. Trains never run on time and now suddenly they do, those who are on the train are suckers who are on a platform too early, the NS employee who walks there can’t do anything either. These kinds of thoughts magnify the primary emotion and easily set your mood. Which in turn can determine how you react to a fellow passenger who asks you for directions.

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