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Some sites also have a commercial chat system, bot or live advisor, thanks to which it is possible to propose a personalize offer according to the search criteria of the visitors. Build loyalty through a privilegeexperience After your visitors have found the perfect gift on your site, don’t forget to highlight your most attractive delivery times and methods, gift wrapping and other personalize messages that will make this visit an experience that will make your visitors to reiterate. Once registere, your new customers can then receive personalize emails, offering them discount coupons for their next order, for example. Optimize your visibility on search engines Having a beautiful site is not enough to attract traffic from outside: to do this, Google AdWords offers alternatives to remedy the problem.

AdWords offers the possibility

After having previously analyze the search terms carrie out in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, it is possible to position text ads in the results: for example on “valentine’s day gift”, “valentine’s day jewellery”, ” Valentine’s Day gift idea In addition,  of displaying ads in Display remarketing which will be displaye on a network of sites: you can thus target distribution Malta Phone Number List of a business page is very people who have visite your site with striking visuals ( among others) without making a purchase.  Communication via social networks is now unavoidable: there are no less than 31 million French people on Facebook, 24 million visitors on Youtube, and 13 million Twitter users, and Instagram and Snapchat also each have 10 million French accounts: just as many social networks that are visite several times every day, from mobiles, tablets and computers.

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Communicate on social networks

The audience is such that it is now essential for brands to communicate with it, through various and engaging media (catchy messages, videos, attractive visuals), while highlighting its advantages and reductions – at the both by publishing to engage its subscribers, but also through sponsored posts that offer very specific targeting criteria, in order to distribute Phone Number MX your offer to a well-chosen audience. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram are also the perfect place to carry out original operations: such as contests, which will help you stand out from your competitors by increasing your notoriety, while attracting traffic to your site and by collecting customer data.

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